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Electricland – the cover

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A new Mayerson interview (the interview, not Mayerson)

“What inspired you to write this book? “Music and Reaganomics for Hackenbush. Iraq, Chechnya, and the Bush junta’s war-n-terror machine for Electriland.” Ginger Mayerson interviewed at, August 23, 2010

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Demise of (mega)bookstores (but not books)

“When I was growing up, record stores were a place you could hang out. In a really great store — one of those big city leviathans spread over several stories — you could spend the best part of a day … Continue reading

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Linda Robinson makes my week at

“‘Direct from the middle class, the fabulous Dr. Hackenbush…’ Baritone ukulele-playing bandleader, singer, dancer, dictaphone temp, Mabel Hackenbush stands easily with everyday heroes in favorite books. William Gibson’s Chevette Washington, Martin Amis’ Mike Hoolihan, Robert Heinlein’s Star from Glory Road. … Continue reading

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